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Design and installation:

The client may already have a specific plan of work to be carried out or just a vague idea of what is required. Should you be unsure of the products available to create the look you are after, a fully qualified electrician is able to talk you through the various product options providing suggestions on positioning and suitability for your new installation.


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Outside Installations:

Want to create the ultimate party atmosphere or a tranquil place to sit and relax? Outside lighting can transform a garden to provide an area to sit and enjoy during the warm summer evenings. Infra-red patio heaters can lengthen the number of evenings that the garden can be enjoyed and outside speakers can enhance the mood, be it for entertaining or relaxing. JPM electrical can also install supplies to garden sheds, ponds, hot tubs, water features, etc.

Driveway and security lights:
Lighting can illuminate a driveway or parking area to ensure safe and easy parking during times of darkness. Security lights at the front of a property can ensure that you get to the door safely and will come on to detract intruders. Supplies can also be provided for automatic gates.

Businesses/commercial sector:
Outside lighting can help make your business more appealing. Lighting up a bar or restaurant can draw in customers and illuminated shop fronts can attract more business.


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Energy efficiency:

It is cost effective for any business or home owner to take energy efficiency into account. With rising energy costs and pressure on us all to live a more energy efficient lifestyle, it can be crucial to consider the efficiency of your electrical systems. JPM electrical can advise you on the latest energy efficient products and on how to design new installations and update existing installations with these issues in mind, helping you to reduce energy costs and keep your eco-conscience clean. JPM electrical can also supply energy efficient lightbulbs.

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