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Testing and Inspection:

Periodic inspection and testing protects people and property against electric shock and burns and from fires caused by installation defects. All electrical installations deteriorate over time, due to wear and tear, overloading, corrosion, ageing and environmental influences. Insurance companies, mortgage lenders, licensing authorise and other public bodies may require periodic inspections and testing of electrical installations.

When is a periodic inspection required?

• On a change of occupancy
• On a change of use of the premises
• If a significant change has been made in the electrical loading of an installation
• Where damage may have been caused to the installation
• When alterations or additions have been made to the original installation

How often do I need an inspection?

• Domestic properties should be inspected at least every 10 years or on change of occupancy
• Rented properties should be inspected every 5 years with routine checks annually or on change of tenancy
• Offices, shops, schools, restaurants, hotels, pubs and community centres should be inspected every 5 years with routine checks   annually
• Cinemas, leisure complexes (not swimming pools), theatres, caravans, industrial and emergency light installations should be   inspected every 3 years with routine checks annually
• Launderettes and petrol stations should be inspected every 1 year
• Caravan parks should be inspected every 1 year with routine checks every 6 months
• Swimming pools and marinas should be inspected every 1 year with routine checks every 4 months

What does a periodic inspection report involve?

A fully qualified and NAPIT registered electrician will visit the property or installation and individually test every circuit to ensure that it is safe and meets all the necessary legal requirements. The client is then provided with a full report detailing the checks made and results obtained. Any problems that become apparent are explained fully and suggestions made as to how to rectify any problems - this could range from anything as simple as a broken socket to a new distribution board.

All JPM electrical inspections are carried out in accordance with BS 7671.

Maintenance contracts

Should you require regular inspections carrying out or frequent maintenance work, JPM electrical can discuss with you the option of setting up a maintenance contract to ensure you continue to get the reliable and efficient service that you deserve. In some cases it can be helpful or even a necessary requirement when approaching insurance companies.


Landlords and certification:

If you let a property it is your repsonsibilty to ensure that the electrical systems and all appliances are safe.

Do you need:

• a 5-year periodic inspection report
• a change of tenancy report
• PAT testing

JPM electrical can provide landlords with all the relevant certification required and can carry out any other maintenance work required.


What is Part P?

Every year around 10 people die and 750 are seriously injured as a result of accidents caused by unsafe electrical installtions in the home. As a result the government has added Part P to the Building Regulations to cover electrical safety requirements. Part P came into effect on 1 January 2005 and applies to all dwellings in England and Wales. All work involving the addition of a new circuit to a property either needs to be notified to building control, who will inspect the work, or carried out by a competent person who is registered with a Part P self-certification scheme, such as NAPIT and holding an EAS (electrotechnical assessment scheme) certificate, which works like CORGI does for gas. Ensure that you choose an electrician with an EAS certificate and you can rest assured that they are fully qualified electrical contractors able to check a circuit thoroughly for safety and issue you with a valid Building Regulations certificate of compliance. Failure to comply with Building Regulations is a criminal offence and may invalidate your insurance and the local authority can enforce the alteration or removal of work that does not comply.

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